As a mortician and bereavement educator for over thirty years, I taught many classes on traumatic loss and grief for families, professionals, and emergency response personnel. I am revising my former Coursework in Grief class with Grief Study.

This will be an in-depth, online class that delves into the many facets of grief and provides useful information and resources. Each lesson will focus on a different aspect of grief.

Keep in mind that grief is not limited to the death of a loved one. But rather, other aspects of your life: divorce, job loss, debilitating illness, addiction and so on. It is my hope that those of you who have experienced grief, or many griefs, will find this site helpful.

For those of you who are firefighters, EMS personnel, law enforcement, and correctional officers, 911 dispatchers as well as military both active and retired, I know of the many traumas you witness daily and the impact they have on you mentally and emotionally. Grief Study is for you as well to help you cope with the “images your mind cannot forget”.

Peggy Sweeney

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